Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wine Walk Saturday Night! 5pm start....June 18th

River/City Market Wine Walk...Doug will be close to the corner of 4th & Delaware! You can just come down and not do the wine tasting. Your choice! The new street-car/trollyis running!

Did you know that Doug, while being a long-time professional musician, is also a street performer? It is part of the roots of musical performance....setting up anywhere that seems like a "good spot" and playing your heart out for donations from those passing by (and many times stopping for awhile).

As his daughter / agent / webmaster / what-have-you, I am really pleased to see him stick to those roots after all these years. In honor of Father's Day, this post is both an announcement of where Doug  will be playing Sat. Night......but, also a way for me to say...."thanks for always staying true to who you are, and being one of the most hard-working, honest and intelligent people I know and keep close."

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