Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mole Hill Theatre - Small Town, Big Sound

Last night, after months of networking & researching, we showed up at a gig I booked for my dad at Mole Hill Theatre in E. Alstead/Gilsum, NH. I knew nothing of this place other than the fact that the person who referred me knows a lot about the music scene in and around Keene. The Mole Hill Theatre is actually a 90-year-old machine shop that still makes metal parts for various tools, all displayed and open to be viewed. The machines are all the original colors of bright oranges and teals, making them very visually pleasing - all adding to the wonderful ambiance of the evening. There is also an 'old hotel' feel to the place that makes it warm and inviting, with a gorgeous stage and AMAZING acoustics. Doug opened up for a band called The Rear Defrosters, a young group of guys playing honkey-tonk tunes on a steel guitar, a fiddle, bass, guitar and drums. It was a great marriage of sounds and styles. We could not have planned it better if we had tried. Right after the show, Doug was asked to come back in August to play at Gilsum's 250th Anniversary, so Road Trip Tour #2 is just around the corner..... Thanks again to the owner of the venue, Dennis Molesky!

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