Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome! A little about Doug.....

Welcome to the website of local musician, Doug Kellis -
My name is Jazmin Kellis and I am the full-time daughter / part-time singer, rhythm section and 'logistics tech' for my dad. Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of joining my father on stage from time-to-time, creating lasting memories of our unique bond. From his band, Backroads Live, to his solo ventures my relationship with my dad has always gone hand-in-hand with music and creativity.

Doug started his guitar training at the age of 10, studying with some of Kansas City's best instructors. Doug is often asked how long it took him to achieve the level of guitar skills he possesses today and the answer is usually unexpected. For Doug, having a propensity for music is a gift, a way of life and at times, an arduous journey. He has devoted endless hours, sweat, tears and personal sacrifice for the sake of this gift. The result is a long career that is constantly evolving. I can attest to his musical skills, but even after witnessing the last 30 years, my dad's musical depth has absolutely blossomed in the last three years.

After a professional recording in LA, Doug has returned to the small stage of Kansas City. You can find him on most weekends as a highly touted street performer in City Market. Doug has also enjoyed playing at coffeehouses around town, our favorite being the Main Street Coffeehouse in downtown Independence, Missouri. Doug has been performing at this venue for over a year on a monthly basis.

Right now we are working on putting a more professional touch on Doug's CD so we can make it available for purchase. This recording was a collaborative effort with long-time friend and illustrious bass player Chad Watson. Doug was also privileged enough to have musical legend Albert Lee featured on one of the tracks. CD's will be available for purchase at the shows very soon!

We'd love to see you at our next show, or you can most likely catch Doug at City Market on most Saturdays & Sundays. (Doug is also a free-lance pool tile specialist, so during the summer and fall months, there are some weekends where he will literally be knee-deep and can't make it.) If you'd like to verify when he will be there, just contact us. Otherwise, follow our 'upcoming shows' calendar for set performances.

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Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the next show.
Doug & Jazmin Kellis / 816-509-1219 /

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